Flaming Muse

Matchstick Tales that Ignite the Soul


Someone once said that the human heart is made not of muscle and blood, but of stories. From time out of mind stories have inspired, sustained and soothed the heart. When we seek to connect or commune, we do so through story. And there is no better place for story - those that ignite and inspire - than by the fire.

Flaming Muse contains almost four hours of original stories and poems by Duirwaigh Studios founder Angi Sullins. Many of the tales are taken from Angi's popular blog Message from the Muse and from her first novel Doorwaighs and Dreamfields: A True Fairy Tale. In this three-disc collection, Angi, a born storyteller and keeper of the muse's cookfire, will stir tales of love and loss with those of passion and presence, to create for you a cauldron of inspiration.

Come. Sit by the fire. Your heart is tinder. Kindle. Kindle.

Flaming Muse


to the introduction to
Flaming Muse

read by the author.

to Angi's original composition Pearls and Pigs

read by the author. Unabridged.

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